About Moi

My name is Diana St Germain and I am 27 years old from extra Sunny South Florida. I lived in Kentucky for a short period of time (2011-2014) and when I realized it was no longer suitable for me I came on home. I love writing, working out and spending time with my kids even though my laziness and procrastination tend to take over some of the days but I’m working those flaws out day by day. I am currently in route to earn my RN degree and even with all the obstacles in front of me I refuse to give up. I have an 8-year-old boy, Justin born on May 30, 2010, who has an opinion for everything and keeps me on my toes, a now seven month old, Kiana born on February 3, 2018, who is so freaking adorable and starting to explore, and I am currently expecting (I don’t know how I let that happen). I’m trying not to freak out and trust that God is able to sustain my body and sanity.



I am a strong believer in Christ and his teachings. I try to live a ‘Christian” life, but I am human and tend to fall short of his glory, yet God is still able. I don’t always attend Church like I should, but I pray that my strength is renewed every day. I try to live a healthy lifestyle but have fell off tremendously since having Kiana, you will be able to follow my journey as I get back on track. I do not take any minute on this Earth for granted and to show my appreciation I try to make the most of every moment.

I am not perfect I am just a simple girl in this big old world trying to navigate life. Now that you have found my blog just know you have found a friend in me.



All my love <3